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1 bedroom flat for sale For Sale

Bridgegate Path, Saltmarket, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G1 (Map)
21st of July 2021. Was listed 1 week ago.
Price: £120,000
ROI 37.00%
BMV -20.00%
Price: £120,000. Value estimated for the property: £100,000

BMV -20.00%


One of Glasgow’s oldest and most noble thoroughfares, The Saltmarket was one of the most fashionable places to live back in the early 18th century. This exceptionally well presented first floor flat is in the Bridgegate Place development quietly accessed off the main street and taking access from the rear and just South of The Merchant City. The subjects has beautifully restored flooring and doors and generous recess to lounge and bedroom. The accommodation comprises secure entry, inner hallwa...

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